Keyword research for SEO

Keyword research is the first step for any SEO campaign. It’s also the most difficult. The best keywords are not just short, but also specific enough to drive targeted traffic to your site and tame enough that you can rank for them. These words are like puzzle pieces fitting together to make a complete picture. Each word represents an opportunity to break into a new market or gain traction with an existing audience. So how do you find the perfect keywords? Read on...

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the process of finding and researching the terms that people type into search engines to find products and services. These are called “search terms” or “search keywords” and they are the building blocks of every sound marketing strategy. There is no exact science to finding the right keywords, but there are a few guidelines to follow when doing keyword research that can help to maximize the ROI of your campaigns.

Why is keyword research important?

Keyword research helps you understand what people are looking for online. This is critical because it determines what type of content you publish, how you promote it, and what you spend your time on. Keywords also determine your search engine ranking. Ranking for the right keywords can help increase your website’s traffic. Ranking for the wrong keywords can lead to a decrease in traffic.

How to do effective keyword research?

2 Easy Ways to Find Good Keywords

Use Google Autocomplete: Type in a problem or solution and then look for the “suggested” keywords. These are the most popular keywords that Google predicts people are searching for.

Google Ads Keyword Tool lets you see how often terms are searched and the number of results that come up in relation to those terms. This can help you identify which terms are growing in popularity and which are becoming less common.